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Parking: What to Know

We are incredibly limited in our parking. Parking is going to be our number one priority and concern for this event. We are sold out of car passes and parking will be tight. Carpool if possible. The best way to make sure your experience is as good as possible is to get there as early as possible on Friday. 

A parking map will be included shortly. 

We are currently working to try and confirm extra space for parking with the neighbors. Parking is limited to vehicles less than 20'. If you have a vehicle larger than this, please email so we can work our best to accommodate your needs. If you have an RV or larger vehicle, there is Hipcamp nearby. If you do not have a parking pass, we're trying to secure extra parking nearby. If nothing else - everyone will be able to unload, but you may need to then relocate down the road off the property a bit. 

Camping: What to Bring

If you've been to Cascadia before - you know what to expect. Come to party, have fun, and stay warm! An equinox gathering is a bit different than our normal time in that it is equal parts warm and sun, and equal parties in the cold and dark. Make sure to check the weather ahead of time, check for rain, and make sure to bring lots of blankets and warm clothes if needed.

Site map will be added shortly.

The three arches will be in effect, and lots of camping camping space for our three villages Technosis, Mythica and Ecotopia, as well as to spread deep into the woods. 

Please leave the dogs and animals at home. 

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