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Cascadia NW Arts & Music Festival

General Camping Information


For all attendees of CascadiaNW, Please carefully READ THIS WAIVER AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY. If you agree to the terms of this waiver and release of liability, please sign it BEFORE ENTERING THE PREMISES OF LOOKOUT ARTS QUARRY SPC (“LAQ”).



I understand and acknowledge that LAQ’s premises, located at 246 Old Hwy 99 North, Bellingham, WA 98229, contain many natural and man-made RISKS, DANGERS, and HAZARDS, including but not limited to bodies of water; variations in terrain that are natural or man-made; cliffs, drop-offs, and other constructed and natural features; obstacles, including trees, stumps, forest growth, and bare spots; unmarked objects that may be difficult to see or accurately perceive; wildlife; rocks; debris; water pipes; bridges; posts; signs; fencing; and negligence or recklessness of other persons present on the premises.

I also understand and acknowledge that I may encounter such risks, dangers, and hazards AT ANY PLACE OR TIME and that SERIOUS INJURY or DEATH may result. I further acknowledge and understand that LAQ or CascadiaNW is NOT a guarantor of my safety or the safety of my children, guests or anyone under my supervision and care.

I agree to ASSUME ANY AND ALL RISK OF INJURY OR DEATH, KNOWN OR UNKNOWN, as well as damage to or loss of property which may be associated with or result from my entry onto LAQ’s premises. I hereby UNCONDITIONALLY RELEASE FROM ALL LIABILITY AND AGREE TO INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS, LAQ, CascadiaNW and its representatives, agents, affiliates, partners, officers, directors, servants, and employees, of and from ANY CLAIMS FOR DAMAGE, INJURY OR DEATH TO MYSELF OR ANY PERSON OR PROPERTY, INCLUDING CLAIMS OF NEGLIGENCE, in any way connected with entering LAQ’s premises, REGARDLESS OF WHETHER DAMAGES, INJURY OR DEATH RESULT FROM RISKS INHERENT OR RELATED TO ENTERING LAQ’S PREMISES. I further PROMISE not to

sue LAQ, CascadiaNW, and its representatives, agents, affiliates, partners, officers, directors, servants, and employees for any claim released or indemnified by this agreement.

I have fully informed myself of the contents of this WAIVER and release OF LIABILITY by reading it before I signed it, and I understand this AFFIRMATION and all of its terms. I acknowledge that this is a RELEASE OF LIABILITY that can legally PREVENT me from recovering any damages from LAQ, CascadiaNW, or its representatives, agents, affiliates, partners, officers, directors, servants, and employees in any lawsuit or in connection with any other legal claim for damages in the event of my death or any injury to me resulting from me being present at LAQ’s premises. I nevertheless agree to this Waiver and Release of Liability freely and voluntarily and agree that it is binding upon me, my heirs, successors, assigns, and

legal representatives. This Waiver and Release of Liability is NOT LIMITED in any way to just inherent risks, but covers NON-INHERENT RISKS AS WELL and injuries sustained by me for any cause or reason without limitation.


Print Name: __________________________________

Date: ________________________________________

Signature: ____________________________________

Do Bring:

  • Tents / Sleeping bags

  • Water Bottle - We will not be selling plastic water bottles! The water onsite is spring water and is potable unless otherwise designated.

  • Food for 3 days 

  • Beverages - Please bring cans and minimize glass bottles. If you bring trash in, take it back out with you.

  • Flashlights/headlamps! - Many trails and pathways between stages will not be lit; it will be the new moon (so no moonlight).

  • Herbal Bug Spray

  • Swimsuits and floaties (the river is amazing!)

  • Clothing layers (be prepared for possible chilly nights and warm days)

  • Bikes (be careful and light it up for night rides)

  • Money for vendors (support your local artisans if you wish).  NO ATM onsite.

  • Costumes!

  • Art Supplies

  • Stuff to share

  • Your Kids!

  • LOVE!

Don’t Bring:

  • Illegal substances

  • Weapons

  • Bad Vibes

  • Glass Bottles

  • Dogs or animals

  • Sound Systems

  • NO UNDERAGE DRINKING/SMOKING    (security enforced)

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