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Synopsys LightTools 8: A Powerful Illumination Design Software

LightTools is a complete design, optimization and analysis solution for illumination optics. It enables you to quickly create illumination designs that work right the first try, reducing prototype iterations. It also helps you to increase your productivity and decrease your time to market using its intelligent, easy-to-use tools.

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LightTools offers a variety of features and modules to suit your illumination design needs. Some of the highlights of LightTools version 8 are:

  • Stray Light Analysis: This feature is particularly useful for improving the design of next-generation space-borne optics, infrared optical systems, consumer electronics, autonomous vehicles, and AR/VR/MR applications. It allows you to quickly prototype your opto-mechanical systems, explore the interactions of light with system components, and identify sources of unwanted surface interactions. It also provides advanced capabilities to help you locate ghost images, model scattered light from polished optical surfaces, and filter rays by their surface interactions.

  • Source Power Scaling: This feature allows you to adjust the power of model sources and see the results instantly on the receiver output without the need for re-running the simulation. It enables you to quickly optimize and tolerance your source power for brightness or color balance.

  • Improved Freeform Optical Design: This feature enhances LightTools' unique modeling capabilities for freeform optics in illumination systems. It includes new design features to correct distortion caused by secondary optics, such as cover plates or turn mirrors.

  • NURBS and Interpolated Curves: These features allow you to create smooth 2D curves that can be used as profiles for extruded or revolved surfaces, or as input for freeform surfaces. They also enable you to import 2D curves from other CAD software or data files.

  • Tolerance Analysis: This feature allows you to evaluate the impact of manufacturing variations on your illumination system performance. It supports Monte Carlo simulations with user-defined tolerances for surface parameters, source properties, and object positions.

  • Objects Palette: This feature provides a convenient way to access and insert predefined objects into your model. It includes a library of common illumination components, such as light guides, reflectors, lenses, and diffusers.

  • Ray Data Source: This feature allows you to use ray data files as sources in your model. It supports backward simulations and hybrid simulations with other sources. It also enables you to import ray data from other optical software or measurement devices.

  • Freeform Light Guide Designer: This feature allows you to create custom light guides with freeform surfaces that can achieve uniform illumination over complex shapes. It also provides an interactive tool to optimize the shape and position of the light guide exit surface.

If you are interested in learning more about LightTools or starting a free 30-day evaluation, please contact Synopsys' Optical Solutions Group at (626) 795-9101, visit [their website], or send an e-mail to


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