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Build. Perform. Create. Participate. Applications open until March 15th! 🌄


As we reflect on the past 5 years with Cascadia NW and enter into this new decade together, we feel a powerful sense of transformation and vitality. Our community is growing, evolving and unfolding in new and wondrous ways. We look forward to bringing this energy of possibility and creation into our 6th year with you!


Whether it's your first time joining us or you're core member of our community, we invite you to submit your application and become a part of Cascadia NW Arts & Music festival 2020! We look forwarding to co-creating with you, and making this 6th Edition our most magical event yet.

Artist, Performance, Music, Workshop, and Vendor Submissions opened on Feb 1st.

Mark your calendar: the deadline to submit is March 15th.


Our roster of artists bring the vibe as only the Northwest can, lifting us up with disco house by the River stage, weaving deep instrumental beats by the Prism, or providing late-night psychedelic bass at the Forest Stage.

Performance Art

Found roaming throughout the forest or performing a special act onstage, a troupe of flow artists, fire performers, clowns, acrobats, dancers, burlesque performers, actors, and comedians bring energy and light throughout the festival.

Art Installations

Each year, Cascadia NW is reimagined and reinvented through the lenses of our creators and crafters who contribute their inspiration and energy to freestanding, structural or interactive art.

Art Gallery

Our curated gallery features 2D and small 3D works of art of all mediums. All artists are welcome to live paint throughout the festival, whether or not they are displayed in the gallery.

Craft Vendor

Join our close-knit community of artisans and craft vendors. We strive to create a unique and functional vending area that is in the heart of the festival, while supporting artists of all kinds.

Food Vendor

Local, organic, and healthy foods are at the core of our festival marketplace. Cascadia NW Arts & Music Festival is deeply committed to sustainability, and requires all vendors to comply with our green policies.


Share your talents, knowledge and gifts by leading a workshop! Past workshops have included introductions to various flow arts, yoga, meditation, and dance, as well as discussions focused on sustainability, relationship styles, ecology, diversity and inclusion.



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