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Cascadia NW Official Announcement 🌿

Greetings, Friends and Family,

We trust that you are faring well in these challenging times and staying safe and healthy.

As you know, we have been monitoring the situation in hopes that somehow we would all be able to gather this summer. Clearly, as these past several weeks have passed, that hope has dissolved into the grim realization that it is simply not possible, leaving us with no option other than to announce that we are officially cancelling Cascadia NW Arts & Music Festival 2020.

Our hearts are so heavy, as we love nothing more than producing an unforgettable weekend in the forest with you celebrating creativity, nature and each other in our beautiful Cascadia bioregion.

Deep breath…


Please know that ALL GA tickets, parking passes, and early entry tickets that were purchased to this point will be 100% refunded through our ticketing partner, Eventbrite. We will be initiating the cancellation and refund process after this announcement goes out, so look for your refund in the near future.


We’ve had a few people already offer to donate their ticket money back to the festival, which is mind-bogglingly amazing. Our community is so special to us. Due to the arrangements with our ticketing partner, it’s not possible for us to keep partial sales with a cancellation of our event, yet donations to Cascadia NW Arts & Music Festival are welcome through paypal - send to, and make note that you are donating, but please, only if you can swing it. Our expenses this year should be about $5,000, and we will track anything that comes in and report it back out to you. As an alternative (or complement), we would also like to encourage donations to the Nightlife Relief Fund, a non-profit started by one of our very own long-time staff members and performers to support Seattle nightlife workers that are out of work or have had debilitating injury (tax-deductible). If you are inclined and able, donations can be made to the Nightlife Relief Fund via PayPal here:


In this time of pause, we encourage everyone to utilize our Community Support Network Group for vital information as well as a place to connect as we navigate the pandemic. We encourage each and everyone of you to stay connected and as creative as possible during this time, and feel free to utilize the Community Support Network Group and/or Village Communities to share art, music, festival memories and inspirations. Here are the links to the active Villages:






In times of challenge, it's our ability to stay connected, positive, and creative that gets us through, and as cliche as it is, we are all in this together. We are also brainstorming some ways to bring the creative community together remotely in the coming weeks and months as well. Feel free to give us your ideas via our Fb Groups and Page as well as IG.

We, the Producers, cast, and crew of Cascadia NW, send out a big beam of love to you, our community, and are here, already planning for the time when we will be able to gather once again. Until then, be well, and take care of each other!

With love,

Your friends at Cascadia NW Arts & Music Festival



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